Divya Disha is a Non-Governmental organization* that uses a rights based approach in our work with children and young people. We’d like to let you know more about us.

We are an independent association and work with and for children and young people regardless of their religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender.

We work on the streets, in communities and schools primarily in the urban and rural regions of Telangana state.

About Us

Our History

When Margaret Mead, the American cultural anthropologist, said ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world…’ it seems like she was talking about a group of young people in Hyderabad, India who in our search for meaning found that the only way to find meaning was to reach out to others.

Reaching out at first to people of our own age group and background, sharing experiences and allowing ourselves to grow, we soon realized that there were many children and young people who needed to be empowered.

In 1987,  began Divya Disha with the purpose of empowering others, building community and changing the world….at least our corner of it.

Mission Statement

Diyva Disha is a community, that seeks to be an agent of change, empowering individuals and organizations in their journey towards holisitic development.

Our values

We believe in being an approachable, accessible and transparent organization and as individuals to be men and women of competence, conscience, compassion and commitment – men and women for others.

Divya Disha is recognized for its ability to intervene in a context sensitive manner. We believe in the holistic development of individuals and our work with children and young people taking into consideration the inter-dependency of the individual’s personality, family history, social and physical environment and institutional setting.

We believe in cooperation and in community involvement.  We encourage the involvement of community and volunteers in our work. Divya Disha partners with communities, children, Government, civil society, corporations, academia to ensure that children have access to protection, education and participation.

We are committed to work with and for young people to recognize and uphold their rights and promote their global citizenship.


* Divya Disha is a registered Society under the AP/Telangana Public Societies Registration Act :  # 2028 Dt.27/5/1992