How To Deal With Exam Stress

How To Deal With Exam Stress

It is quite normal for children to get stressed during exams. Stress takes a heavy toll on them and could lead to fatigue, health issues and depression. So it is important for them to learn how to deal with exam stress.

How To Deal With Exam Stress

Everyone has a role to  play to make sure children are relaxed during exam time – parents, teachers and even the children themselves.

Our Director, Mr Isidore Phillips,  an educationist and a child rights activist, shared these tips of his which are very valuable for children and parents to deal with exam stress.

  1. Learn to relax – Find ways to be relaxed, so you can give of your best.
  2. Be confident and believe in yourself – Only if you are confident will you have a positive mindset and write your exams with ease.

3. Have a fixed place of study – Association of place with study is important.

4. Plan and schedule your studies – Break the syllabus into smaller, easy to achieve parts.

5. Train your mind – In order to avoid a complete blackout and increase memory power, train your mind to remember. Using memory techniques like anchoring and pegs make memorizing easier.

6. Be interested in whatever you are learning as interest aids learning.

7. Use the best way of learning – the type of learning that suits you! Remember, there are many kind of learners – visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic  (physical learners). Find out your learning style and work within it.

8. Employ spaced learning – taking breaks between studies.

So follow these tips and good luck for your examinations from Divya Disha!