How Safe Are Children In Their Homes? #childprotection #safechildhoodforall

How Safe Are Children In Their Homes? #childprotection #safechildhoodforall

Most of us are very sure that the safest place for a child is their home. When Father’s Day and Mother’s Day comes around, there are plenty of quotes that get shared about how wonderful parents are. And indeed, they can be. But what happens when home turns into hell and a parent turns into a monster? How safe are children in their  homes?

How Safe Are Children In Their Homes?

New Year’s Eve brought this question into sharp focus.

8 year old, Swarna (name changed to protect the child’s identity) was the helpless victim of assault by her drunken father.

Her crime? Having urinated in bed.

Her punishment? Having her private parts burned with a hot spoon.

Yes, shocking but true.

No one acted until on 2nd January, the local Anganwadi worker insisted on taking the mother and daughter to the Police Station. The SI at the station called a member of Divya Disha’s CHILDLINE staff, who responded to this call.

A case was filed and the father arrested.

The girl is currently undergoing a medical examination.

While the girl might heal physically, will she ever be healed of the mental trauma?

A father acts like a monster. A mother is helpless to act against him.

Sadly, the story is not uncommon in many homes.

The idea of this post is not to question the role of parents but instead to enlighten us all that sometimes a child’s home is NOT the SAFEST place for her/him.

If you know of or suspect that a child is being abused in their homes, don’t think that it is a personal matter. Act immediately. Call CHILDLINE Toll Free #1098 and report the situation or your suspicion. You might save the life of a child.



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